[New on scene] Hong Xa김웅 "국민은 바꾸라는데 단결만 얘기…의총 뭐하러 하느냐"[New in Korean] Booker PrizeTXT shatters records, tops charts with 3rd LP[이번 주 리뷰] 중동 전쟁 우려…국민의힘 보선 참패(9~14일)Seoul defense exhibition aims to boost arms exportsLG Innotek wins patents for EV charging technologyForeigners turn net sellers of S. Korean stocks for 15 sessionsKorea extends fuel tax cut scheme until year's end[이번 주 리뷰] 중동 전쟁 우려…국민의힘 보선 참패(9~14일) Uncertainties remain for Samsung, SK after US eases export controls Questions remain after passage of anonymous birth bill N.SSign to resume album promotion without Doha 尹대통령 지지율, 1.1%p 내린 38.9% [알앤써치] 'No Japan?' Korea swings from extreme rejection to selective embrace Satellite imagery highlights 'dramatic' increase in N. Korea Disney+’s ‘Moving’ sweeps BIFF’s Asia Contents Awards & Global OTT Awards Shinhan to bet big on insurance tech startup [Herald Interview] Singer 낙후된 골목시장 누비며 “화곡을 마곡으로 만들 것” [Photo News] Housing solutions in Asia S. Korean women dominate recurve archery at Asian Games Art Token launches Hangeul [Today’s K