One Store attracts W20b from KraftonOver 1,300 rescue workers still traumatized by Itaewon Halloween tragedyOver 1,300 rescue workers still traumatized by Itaewon Halloween tragedyForeign workers' deaths get weak sanctionsHamas weapons, tactics resemble those of NK: JCS北, 日의 장거리미사일 조기 배치 추진에 “전쟁국가 일본 실체”Foreign workers' deaths get weak sanctionsBiden says Hamas must be eliminated, US officials warn war could escalateNew government initiative offers W3b reward to combat digital piracyUS strategic bomber B [Photo News] 2023 Sea Art Festival returns to Busan's Ilgwang Beach Election watchdog faces calls to apologize after failing security test S. Korea has 'no urgency' to cut key lending rate soon: IMF director 혼전임신 직원에 "애비없는 애"…갑질 서기관 감싼 복지부 논란 BOK wins lawsuit on face of Korea's 100 won coin 28th BIFF comes to an end Kia to expand EV lineup with mass market appeal S Korea, UAE to hold aviation talks over potential increase in bilateral flights S. Korea signs consortium deal with Canada, Italy for nuclear reactor refurbishment in Romania 野 “與 보선 참패 후 이재명 전광석화 기소…국민 심판받을 것” 대통령실 “UAE 대통령 방한 순연”…이스라엘·하마스 충돌 영향 Dansaekhwa master Park Seo [Exclusive] 'Game of Thrones' publisher inks deal for Korean books for first time